What my clients say...

”Mary helped me really re-focus on my employment issues, see things differently and helped me find practical ways to move things forward.  It worked, I now have a job in the field I want to work in!" 

Katharine, Museum Learning Professional


"Mary is good coach who listens actively and challenges participants to find their own solutions to current challenges.  I found Mary's coaching very helpful at a time of tranistion in my career which helped me consider a number of options and ultimately led to a new role

Jane, Financial Services Professional


"Mary's advice was invaluable for my interview. I've completely changed my career from Portrait Photography to Emergency Ambulance Crew. I still remember the advice she gave! Thanks Mary!"

Caroline, Emergency Ambulance Crew


"Mary understood the complexities of my situation incredibly well and gave me clear, practical and helpful advice that I still draw upon three years later 

Jonathan, SEN Teacher